Establishing a company in Turkey



The process of opening a company in Turkey is fast and simple.

It usually takes up to seven days to complete the entire process.

There are six different company types that can be opened in Turkey:

  1. The individual entrepreneur
  2. The general partnership (‘GP’)
  3. The limited partnership (‘LP’)
  4. The foreign company branch
  5. The joint stock company (‘JSC’)
  6. The limited liability company (‘LLC’)

LLC and JSC are the most common company types in Turkey with initial capital required being 1 EUR.

However, there are additional costs related to opening and running a company,

therefore we recommend finding a reliable accountant or lawyer who will support you throughout the process.

Opening the company Accounting agency
*average costs
1600 EUR 100 – 200 EUR monthly

Toko Yapı Dış Ticaret Ltd. Şti. can refer you to reliable partners ;

who will help you,

Who will set up your company,

Who will provide a stress-free experience.

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